Even though Joe Root is the former captain of England, he did not score a century in the first innings of the only Test against Ireland, but he took a big record in his name. Because he has become England’s number one batsman, as well as he has left behind many legends, while the names of big cricketers have joined him.


What Record Did Root Break

Former England captain Root, who is counted in fab fur, has created history once again . Jo Route, who did not score a century this time, but did this feat with a half century.

Joe has now become the number one batsman for England in Test cricket because as soon as Root played a half-century innings in the only Test against Ireland, the name was entered in the record books, now jeo has become the greatest England batsman.

Root played an innings of 56 runs against Ireland, during which jeo completed 11004 runs in his Test cricket.

Jeo rootEngland
100 / 5029 / 58
Joe completed 11004 runs in 130* Test matches.

While the average was above 54.24, during this period he got 19 centuries and 58 half centuries with the bat.

jeo root has completed 11000 runs in his career, during this he has left behind many veterans, in which the names of players like Sachin Tendulkar are also recorded, if we look at the figure of jeo, then Virat Kohli is not far away because Joe Root As soon as he completed 11000 runs, the record was made because jeo became the player to complete 11000 runs in the shortest innings for England, although he could not leave Sachin Tendulkar behind, but in terms of age, he went ahead.

Completed 11000 runs in the fewest innings

kumar sangakkara208sri lankan
Brain Lara213west indies
Ricky Ponting222Australian
Sachin Tendulkar223india
rahul dravid234india
Kumar Sangakkara completed 1000 runs in 208 innings,
Brian Lara in 213 innings,
Ricky Ponting in 222
while Sachin Tendulkar in 223
and India coach Rahul Dravid in 234.
Youngest player to complete 11000 runs in test cricket

Alastar Cook in 31 years 357 days Whereas Sachin Tendulkar completed 11000 runs in Test cricket in 34 years and 95 days. He is the one who completed 11000 runs in 32 years 154 days

jeo root

Root has scored 11000 runs but is behind Alastair Cook in completing England’s most runs in Test cricket. Joe Root is now 12472 runs in England’s Cook Test cricket. Test cricketer comes to the fore and breaks Alastair Cook’s record

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